Fliegl overload station for overloading all goods

I have converted the Fliegel Überladestation of Farmer_Andy (approval caught) from the LS 15 in the LS 17 and now brought in the LS 19.

What did I do?
– Converted to LS 19 with everything that goes with it (lights, wheels, ……)
– Add chocks and dren bracket
– Added logo configuration of different logos
– Frabwahl for overload station and rims
– Conneting hoses for hydraulics, air and electrics in on and uncoupled state
– PTO in uncoupled state
– added work light
– and still things that I can not remember

Support is available here: Fliegl Overload Station [Official Support]
I wish you much fun with it
who likes to do good things to the forum paypal.me/ModdingWelt
tested in SP
should run in the MP and DEDI because the Stion runs on standard trolley
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